A world apart

Delicate lace, discrete layers, soft mesh, bows to be untied, knickers to be ripped off... The Parisian brand Atelier Amour challenges the conventions of traditional lingerie to offer you unique and playful garments, ideal for spicing up all your romantic games.
Our world of erotic-chic lingerie is just a click away. Come and have some fun!
Atelier Amour offers one-size garments that can be adjusted to fit. With its combination of the finest materials, gold detailing and branded charms, our entire range is guaranteed to fuel the desire and closeness between you and your partner.

Discover the Atelier Amour collection:

Start with some burning desire. Take a look at Fenêtre sur cour, and admire the view! Fine lace and transparent tulle, the promise of a moment of sweet and timeless pleasure.
Something wilder? Move on to Guet-Apens, an adventurous range with hooks that may tease your patience and test your dexterity!

Entrapment? To hypnotise your prey, use the charm of the Irrésistible Attraction range, for a magnetic encounter carefully orchestrated by a metal-embellished outfit with maximum attractive force.

For fans of transparency and softness, succumb to Insoutenable Légèreté that will awaken your senses with its soft tulle and clever openings suspenders jewelry.

Finally, set pulses racing when you succumb to the twin pack of A Bout de souffle cheeky knickers, containing the "Friponne", a beautiful transparent pair that can be untied as often as you like, and "Polissonne", a sheer pair ready to be ripped off in the heat of the moment…

Delivered to any location and presented in an elegant box, every piece will ensure a unique erotic encounter, an endless master-class in love wherever your imagination takes you.